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Subscriptions AcuraLink®
The Next Generation

  • AcuraLink Standard Package

    The Standard package includes support for streaming media and cloud-enhanced navigation with continuously updated traffic data for freeways and surface streets—all at no additional cost for the first three years of ownership. After three years, owners must subscribe to receive traffic data.

  • AcuraLink Connect Package

    Vehicles equipped with AcuraLink The Next Generation feature onboard, embedded devices that support two-way data and voice transmission. When you subscribe to Connect services, those wireless devices transform your vehicle into a digital hub you can access from virtually any smartphone, tablet or computer.

  • AcuraLink Premium Package

    The AcuraLink Premium package gives you 24-7 access to live agents who deliver a level of in-vehicle service that exceeds expectation. Our live agents are equipped to assist with everything from business matters to personal needs. Call on them to search for a destination, reserve a table, or book a last minute flight.

    Ready to enroll or upgrade?

    Simply press the "Link" button on the overhead console to enroll or to speak to AcuraLink support—24 hours a day, seven days a week. Or if you prefer, call 1-877-375-2638 or contact your Acura dealer.

    Exclusively from AcuraLink, a 90 Day-Free Trial of AcuraLink Premium†

    Experience the entire suite of AcuraLink services with a 90-Day Free Trial of AcuraLink Premium. Just ask AcuraLink support for details.

    †Credit card and AcuraLink The Next Generation enrollment required to sign up for 90-Day Free Trial of AcuraLink Premium. For owners with Standard package enrollment, credit card will be billed for 1-year Premium package subscription if 90-Day Free Trial not cancelled by day 90. For owners with Connect package enrollment, credit card will be immediately billed for 1-year Connect package subscription, and the difference between the 1-year Connect and Premium packages will be charged if 90-Day Free Trial not cancelled by day 90. For owners with Premium package enrollment, credit card will be immediately billed for 1-year Premium package subscription. If you cancel by day 90, you will be refunded the Premium package subscription fee. If you do not cancel, your 1-year AcuraLink Premium subscription begins – giving you 15 months for the price of 12.

Subscriptions AcuraLink®
First Generation

  • AcuraLink Real-Time Traffic

    AcuraLink Real-Time Traffic is a satellite-based traffic information service, available on navigation-equipped vehicles. To subscribe or learn about market coverage, visit the AcuraLink Real-Time Traffic site.

    Real-Time Traffic

  • AcuraLink Real-Time Weather

    AcuraLink Real-Time Weather is a continuously updated, personalized weather-tracking service. It is available on all navigation-equipped Acura vehicles. To subscribe or learn about market coverage, visit the AcuraLink Real-Time Weather site.

    Real-Time Weather

  • SiriusXM® Radio

    Listen to your favorite music commercial-free. With SiriusXM satellite radio, you get over 180 channels of music, sports, news, talk, traffic, weather and more. You can subscribe or renew at SiriusXM Radio.

    Visit SiriusXM


  • AcuraLink Connect App

    Compatible with select RLX and MDX vehicles, beginning with the 2014 model year.

    With AcuraLink The Next Generation, your Acura becomes a destination in and of itself. You can log into your vehicle through a seamless experience that bridges the web, mobile and in-car systems. The complete Connect app experience requires an active AcuraLink Connect subscription. To upgrade to AcuraLink Connect, simply press "Link" on the overhead console. You can also call 877-375-2638 or contact your Acura dealer.

  • AcuraLink Streams App

    Compatible with select RLX and MDX vehicles, beginning with the 2014 model year.

    The AcuraLink Streams app pairs quickly and easily, delivering cloud-based content like podcasts, Facebook posts, and tweets right to your vehicle’s audio system.

  • AcuraLink Roadside Assistance App

    Available to all Acura owners, the AcuraLink Roadside app connects you with free assistance throughout your vehicle’s warranty period. The app gives you a one-touch connection to Acura support who can request emergency responders to your exact location using your smartphone’s GPS technology. You don’t even need to know where you are to get the help you need.

  • AcuraLink Virtual Tour App

    Only available on select 2014 RLX and later Acura vehicles with eligible AcuraLink package status. The AcuraLink VIVA® Virtual Tour app provides an overview of the many capabilities of AcuraLink, both in the vehicle and remotely with the mobile device-based AcuraLink Streams, AcuraLink Connect, and AcuraLink Roadside Assistance apps.

  • Acura Accessories App

    Get the new and improved Acura Genuine Accessories app for all the info you need to customize your Acura vehicle. View the full list of available automotive accessories designed, engineered, and rigorously tested for Acura vehicles. Watch videos for each Acura model and see the most popular accessories for that specific vehicle. You'll also find an informative video that explains the design philosophy behind Acura Genuine Accessories and why they’re the best choice for your Acura vehicle.

    For iPhone For iPad


  • Radio & Navigation Codes

    Retrieve unlock codes for your Acura radio and navigation system. You’ll need your Vehicle Identification Number, your phone number and zip code, plus your radio’s serial number.

    Retrieve Unlock

  • Acura Navigation Updates

    Keep your Acura navigation system current with the latest updates on new streets, points of interest and other roadway changes. Map updates are available for purchase on an annual basis from the Acura Navigation Center.

    Order Navigation

  • Gracenote® Audio System Updates

    Make sure your radio can identify the latest artist, album and song names with the most recent version of Gracenote. Updates are available from Gracenote on a quarterly basis.

    Get Gracenote