Tire Repair Kit

Tire Sealant and Inflator Kit

The TSX Sport Wagon increased cargo-carrying capacity by replacing the spare tire with an efficient Tire Sealant and Inflator Kit. This kit provides an easy and clean way to temporarily seal a small puncture or hole (3/16th of an inch or smaller) in the tire tread. Once injected into the tire, the sealant coats the inside of the hole or puncture, preventing air from escaping. The vehicle can then be driven (no faster than 50 MPH) to a location where the tire can be repaired or replaced, depending on its condition.

The Tire Sealant and Inflator Kit can be used to add air to the vehicle’s tires in areas where compressed air is not available. The kit can also be used to inflate bike tires and sports equipment.

Using the Tire Sealant and Inflator Kit

  • Remove kit from under the cargo area floor lid.
  • Attach the sealant/air hose onto the tire valve stem. Screw it until it is tight.
  • Plug the compressor power plug to the accessory power socket.
  • With the vehicle parked outside, start the engine. Keep the engine running while injecting sealant and air.
  • Turn the selector switch to SEALANT/AIR.
  • Press the inflator (ON/OFF) switch to turn on the kit. Until the sealant injection is complete, the pressure shown on the pressure gauge will appear higher than actual. After the sealant injection is complete, the pressure will drop and then begin to rise again as the tire is inflated with air only.
  • Monitor the pressure gauge until air pressure reaches 33 psi. To check the pressure, occasionally turn off the compressor and read the gauge.
  • Unplug the power plug and unscrew the sealant/air hose from the tire valve stem. Reinstall the valve cap.
  • Immediately drive the vehicle for about 10 minutes to distribute the sealant in the tire.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I continue to drive on a tire repaired with sealant?

No, the vehicle should be driven to an Acura dealer or tire repair facility as soon as possible so that the tire can be properly repaired or replaced. The sealant is only for temporary use and the vehicle should not be driven over 50 mph.

Can I use the kit more than once?

The compressor can be used over and over; however, the bottle of sealant needs to be replaced after each use. The used bottle should be returned to an Acura dealer for disposal, and a new bottle can be purchased at the Acura dealer.

Does the sealant ever expire?

Yes, the sealant does have an expiration date and it is clearly marked on the sealant bottle, visible through an opening in the kit. Approximate shelf life of the sealant is 4 years.

Does the sealant work on all types of tire damage?

No, the sealant works on punctures or holes 3/16th of an inch or smaller. It cannot seal larger holes, or damage to the side walls of the tire.

Does the sealant affect the TPMS system in my vehicle?

No, the Acura Tire Sealant and Inflator Kit sealant will not affect the TPMS sensors or system in the vehicle. (Other sealants may, however.) If the tire is repaired after using the supplied sealant, the sealant should be flushed from the TPMS sensor using cool water.

What if I need help with the kit or with my tire?

You can contact Acura Total Luxury Care Roadside Assistance, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (800) 594-8500.

What if I install different tires on my car, will this kit still work?

Yes, the Tire Sealant and Inflator Kit will work on other tires.

Is there a spare tire available for my car?

Yes, there is a spare tire and wheel set available for purchase from an Acura dealer.

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