Overhead Controls

Overhead Controls

Front and center on the headline, the convenient overhead control panel houses map lights, a sunglasses holder and controls for the interior lights, moonroof and HomeLink system.

Moonroof Operation

The power moonroof allows fresh air to enter the cabin with a minimum of turbulence. Tinted glass and a sliding sunshade help control radiant heat when the sun is overhead. To operate the moonroof, use the main control between the two map lights. Push the control upward and the rear of the moonroof tilts up for ventilation. Pull and release the control rearward to have the moonroof slide open all the way. Pull and hold the control to have the moonroof open to a degree of your choosing. Pushing the control forward closes the moonroof in the same manner. If any obstruction is blocking the opening, the moonroof will automatically reverse itself and re-open.

HomeLink Controls

The three HomeLink buttons on the driver’s side of the overhead panel replaces up to three remote control devices, such as a garage-door opener, home security system, or remote lighting system.

The HomeLink controls can be programmed in just one minute, after which all functions can be used immediately. Prior to programming any of the buttons for the first time, you will want to erase any factory-set default codes. You can do this by pressing and holding the front and rear buttons – I and III – releasing only after approximately 20 seconds, when the light in the HomeLink symbol begins to flash. You do not need to repeat this step to program or reprogram any of the individual HomeLink buttons. For security, you will want to perform this function again to erase all button frequencies before transferring vehicle ownership.

Perform the following steps to program a HomeLink button:

  • Hold the original remote control of the device you wish to operate, at a distance of 4 to 12 inches away from the overhead console.
  • While holding the remote steady, simultaneously push the remote control button and the desired HomeLink button.
  • Hold both buttons in while you watch the HomeLink light begin to flash slowly. When it begins to flash quickly, release both buttons.
The ideal programming distance between a remote and the overhead console varies, so it may take more than a couple of attempts at different lengths for the programming to be successful. In each case, hold the remote steady for at least 15 seconds before trying a different distance.

Once a button has been successfully programmed, it should operate in exactly the same way as the original remote.

Some remote systems use rolling codes, which change codes in a uniformed fashion after each use. To learn how the HomeLink can be programmed to synchronize with such systems, consult their instruction manuals.

Map Lights

Two generous-sized map lights project precise beams directly on to the laps of the driver and front passenger. Buttons on the rearward edge of the panel control each map light.

Sunglasses Compartment

A convenient sunglasses holder with a lined interior easily stores and protects a pair of sunglasses. Simply push on the rearward side of the holder to open.

Interior Lights Controls

On the passenger side of the panel three buttons make it easy to have the interior overhead lighting on, off, or on when a door is open. The length of time the interior lights stay on after all doors close can be adjusted. See the information labeled "Personalized Settings" for details.

Content may not apply to all models. Consult your owner's manual for specific information about your vehicle.