AcuraLink Real-Time Traffic™

AcuraLink Real-Time Traffic™

AcuraLink Real-Time Traffic™ is a satellite-delivered traffic information service, powered by XM Nav traffic, available on navigation-equipped vehicles. Available in over 100 US Markets and 3 markets in Canada, AcuraLink Real-Time Traffic sets a new standard for comprehensive, up to the minute traffic awareness delivered precisely when and where you need it most: behind the wheel. By enhancing your GPS navigation system with the ability to show live traffic data, you can see traffic incidents, determine average traffic speed and estimate travel time along your route – as you drive. It even automatically recalculates results as factors change. AcuraLink Real-Time Traffic also alerts drivers to scheduled traffic incidents like road construction and closures, plus unscheduled incidents like collisions and disabled vehicles. Get there faster with AcuraLink Real-Time Traffic.

Benefits of AcuraLink Real-Time Traffic?

  • Continuously updated traffic information for 100 Metro areas and expanding
  • Personalized traffic information for your location
  • Continuously updated traffic information displayed on your on-board navigation system
  • Detailed information on collisions, construction, weather and traffic flow (where available)

To learn more about AcuraLink Real-Time Traffic, market coverage, and to subscribe today, visit the XM Nav Traffic Site.

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