Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

It is essential to maintain the correct tire pressure in order to ensure the safety of you and your vehicle, as well as optimize fuel efficiency. The Tire Pressure Monitoring System is designed to inform you if a tire's pressure is significantly below the level specified for your vehicle.

Indicator meaning

The indicator appears in the gauge cluster as a cross section of a tire with an exclamation point in the center. When it remains lit, one or more of your tires is low on air. Some Acura models will indicate the problem tire and even provide the real-time pressure for all four tires at any time.

Recommended action upon TPMS alert

Pull over as soon as you are able, and check each tire with a pressure gauge. You will find the recommended pressure levels for your model listed on the driver's door jam, as well as in your owner's manual. Then proceed to the nearest service station to restore the proper pressure.

Maintaining Correct Tire Pressure

Keep a pressure gauge in your vehicle and check your tire pressure at least once a month, especially before going on a trip or if there has been a significant change of temperature since your previous inspection. Tires deflate naturally over time, as much as 1.5 psi (pounds per square inch) per month. Also, tire pressure changes an average of 1 psi for every 10º F change in air temperature. Which means that if the tire pressure was already below its recommended value—even by just 15%—a big dip in temperature could cause the indicator to come on.

Content may not apply to all models. Consult your owner's manual for specific information about your vehicle.