Acura ELS Surround® Sound

Acura/ELS Surround® Sound

The "ELS" in Acura/ELS Surround® Premium Sound System refers to Grammy® award-winning recording engineer and producer, Elliot Scheiner, who helped design the system to reproduce music the way it is heard in the recording studio. The system’s eight speakers include a center speaker, plus an 8-inch sub-woofer, and a 225-watt, 6-channel digital amplifier supplies the power. The system can reproduce the 5.1 surround sound of DVD-A discs while Dolby® Pro Logic® II signal processing can extract 6-channel surround sound from 2-channel digital sources. Sound sources include a multi-format 6-disc changer, AM/FM & XM® Satellite Radio*, and an auxiliary input jack for connecting portable MP3 players.

  • XM® Satellite Radio service is unavailable in Alaska and Hawaii.

Adhesive Labels or Protective Disc covers on CDs or DVDs
Never put adhesive labels or protective disc covers on recordable CDs or DVDs to be used in slot-type automotive CD/DVD players or multi-disc magazine changers. Many recordable CDs and DVDs are actually thicker than their pre-recorded brethren. Automotive players and changers use rollers to draw the disc into the unit. The added thickness of an adhesive label or a protective disc cover can cause the disc to jam when it’s loaded into or ejected from the unit.

In addition, the built-in amplifier in an automotive CD/DVD player or changer produces more heat than a comparable home audio unit, which typically uses a separate amplifier. These higher operating temperatures can cause the label adhesive to soften and the label to loosen, potentially causing the CD/DVD to jam when it is ejected.

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