AcuraLink® Satellite Communication

Stay connected with the AcuraLink® Satellite Communication System. Important messages are delivered by satellite right to your vehicle - including real-time traffic updates, service appointment reminders, recall notices and more. AcuraLink also gives you tips on using some of your vehicle's advanced features. And if your Acura needs service, AcuraLink will send diagnostic information about your vehicle right to your dealer's service department - so you'll get better, faster service when you need it most.

To set your AcuraLink communication preferences, visit the My Account section.

AcuraLink Overview

Information provided by AcuraLink
AcuraLink gives you important messages such as quick tips on using your vehicle's advanced features, recall notifications, and Service Reminders for appointments you schedule on the Acura Owners Site. If a warning light illuminates, AcuraLink communicates with your vehicle's computer to provide diagnostic information. AcuraLink also provides real-time satellite traffic information integrated with your Navigation System.

Cell-phone charging
Most information is uploaded to AcuraLink via satellite. Bluetooth® is used only to communicate diagnostic information about your vehicle directly with Acura (and only if you have activated the optional diagnostic data submission via AcuraLink). Your Bluetooth®-enabled phone will be connected for approximately 20 seconds for each data exchange session. You are responsible for any charges for minutes used for this feature.
NOTE: To set your AcuraLink communication preferences, please visit the My Account section.

Shutting off AcuraLink
You can turn off the messaging system from the AcuraLink interface in your vehicle, in the My Account section, or by contacting Acura Client Relations.

Speaking to an Acura representative through AcuraLink
If you have a Bluetooth®-enabled phone paired with AcuraLink, some types of messages (such as service reminders, recall notices and diagnostic information) will include an option to be connected automatically to your Acura dealer, Acura Client Relations, or Acura Roadside Assistance as appropriate.

Vehicle information transmission
Acura analyzes your vehicle's diagnostic information to locate the trouble and identify potential areas where service is needed. This data is then sent back to your vehicle through AcuraLink. Additionally, diagnostic data received from all customers is analyzed in aggregate to help us improve the design of future models. We value your privacy; your vehicle information will not be shared with other parties for commercial use.

Dealer service appointments
At this time, dealer service appointments cannot be made automatically via AcuraLink. However, if you have a Bluetooth®-enabled phone paired with AcuraLink, you can place an automated voice call through AcuraLink to your dealer to make an appointment.

Scheduled service appointments reminders
If you choose to activate Service Reminders on AcuraLink, you will receive reminders about dealer service appointments that you schedule via My Account.
NOTE: To set your AcuraLink communication preferences, please visit the My Account section.

AcuraLink Coverage
AcuraLink is available in the 48 contiguous United States. Currently, satellite coverage is not available in Alaska or Hawaii.

AcuraLink service charges
Most AcuraLink services are offered at no charge. Traffic updates through XM NavTraffic® are provided free of charge for the first 90 days; afterwards a small monthly fee applies.

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Content may not apply to all models. Consult your owner's manual for specific information about your vehicle.