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Maintenance Parts

Acura Genuine Maintenance Parts

Scheduled maintenance is a must and genuine parts make the difference. Genuine Acura Maintenance Parts offer a flawless fit to help protect your Acura’s superior performance. Each part is engineered and tested to complement the innovative technology built into your vehicle. You can feel the quality. Acura Genuine Maintenance Parts meet original equipment (OEM) standards for endurance. That’s quality, finely tuned.

Acura Genuine Air Filters

Engine Air Filters - Better Filtering Means Better Performance

Engines, like people, need to breathe clean air to stay fit. Without a free flow of clean air, an engine can’t perform at its best. It’s the job of your engine’s air filter to remove dust and contaminants from incoming air before they can reduce performance, increase fuel consumption and cause premature engine wear. As these pollutants build up on the filter, engine airflow becomes restricted, which adversely affects performance. That’s why it’s important to regularly replace your old, dirty air filter with a new Acura Genuine Engine Air Filter. Made from advanced materials designed for superior filtration and airflow, Acura Genuine Engine Air Filters help optimize performance and fuel economy. Remember, all engine air filters aren’t the same. Insist on original Acura quality. Insist on Acura Genuine.

Cabin Air Filters - Your Air Quality Deserves Acura Genuine Quality.

Pollen. Dust. Airborne contaminants. They’re all in the air you breathe every day. Fortunately, you can keep them out of your passenger cabin by inspecting and replacing your Acura’s cabin air filter as recommended. Acura Genuine Cabin Air Filters are designed specifically for your vehicle and meet Acura’s exacting performance and quality standards. They’re engineered to deliver maximum filtration of both incoming and recirculated air. And best of all, they give you the confidence of knowing they meet Acura standards for performance, quality and durability

Timing Belts

Timing Belts - Original Fit is Critical.

Simply put, your Acura’s timing belt keeps your engine’s valves and pistons working in sync. A broken timing belt will not only shut down your engine immediately, but is likely to result in engine damage and expensive repairs. With so much at stake, why take a chance? Have your timing belt inspected at the recommended intervals — and at replacement time, insist on a Acura Genuine Timing Belt.* Acura Genuine Timing Belts are designed for exact factory fit to prevent belt slippage, and constructed with original premium materials for maximum durability and crack resistance. Don’t put your engine at risk with other brands. With a Acura Genuine Timing Belt, you can drive with confidence.

Genuine Wiper Blades

A Clear Case for Fit and Quality.

A clear, unobstructed view of the road is every bit as vital to the safety of you and your passengers as is the grip of good tires or the stopping power of brakes. In other words, your wiper blades are an essential safety feature in all driving conditions. It’s easy to tell when tires and brakes need attention, but wiper blades are a different story. Because they wear out slowly over time, you might not know they’re worn out until you need them—and that’s the wrong time to find out. That’s why it’s important to periodically inspect and replace them with Acura Genuine Wiper Blades before you find yourself in a risky situation. Acura Genuine Wiper Blades are engineered to strict specifications to provide precise fit, durability and the peace of mind Acura Genuine can deliver.

Oils and Fluids

Acura Genuine Oils and Fluids are where pure performance begins.

Your Acura is built for performance and solid dependability. An integral part of keeping it that way is using new Acura Genuine Vital Fluids at factory recommended intervals.

Over time, fluids lose essential protective properties, and waiting too long between changes can lead to mechanical damage and costly repairs. Acura Genuine Motor Oil, Antifreeze/Coolant, Brake Fluid, Automatic Transmission Fluid and Power Steering Fluid are specially formulated to protect your Acura’s mechanical components from harmful deposits, rust, corrosion and oxidation. Please check the maintenance schedules in your owner’s manual for recommended fluid change intervals.

Acura Genuine Automatic Transmission Fluid

Most people don’t stop to think about the fluid in their automatic transmission. The truth is that fluid in their automatic transmission has a direct impact on how well their transmission shifts, how smoothly it performs, and how long the transmission lasts. Transmission fluid also has a direct impact on your Acura’s fuel economy. Acura Genuine Automatic Transmission Fluid has been thoroughly laboratory-tested, and is specifically formulated to meet the needs of Acura vehicles. It uses the finest ingredients to deliver the ideal friction properties for efficient shifting, economical transfer of power, and a smooth ride with exceptional performance.

Acura Genuine Antifreeze

All-Weather Protection. All Acura Performance.

When you’re driving in extreme temperatures, the last thing you need is engine failure. Whether in extreme heat or cold, Acura Genuine Longlife Blue Antifreeze/Coolant provides long-term corrosion protection to all metal and non-metal parts of your Acura’s cooling system and protects against boil over and freezing. Acura Genuine Longlife Blue Antifreeze/Coolant is the only coolant designed specifically for Acura vehicles. Its pre-mixed formulation is so advanced, no coolant service is required for up to 10 years or 120,000 miles. Use Acura Genuine Longlife Blue Antifreeze/Coolant for optimum long-term engine performance.

Acura Genuine Brake Fluid

Performs well under pressure.

You put your foot on the brake pedal and the vehicle slows. Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? The fact is, your Acura’s braking system experiences significant stress, especially in stop-and-go traffic. Over time, the brake fluid it uses can become contaminated, or simply lose its effectiveness. That’s why Acura recommends replacing brake fluid every three years with Acura Genuine Brake Fluid. Specially formulated to work with Acura braking systems, Acura Genuine Brake Fluid contains moisture inhibitors that help maintain correct lubricity and fluidity in virtually any driving conditions. What’s more, its blend of top-quality ingredients is designed to maintain effectiveness for the full three-year period between recommended changes.

Acura Genuine Power Steering Fluid

Steering sounding wrong? Try the Right Steering Fluid.

Maybe it’s hard to believe that using the wrong power steering fluid is a mistake you can hear. But it’s true. An inferior power steering fluid can allow friction, and friction makes noise. With a higher viscosity than most other power steering fluids, an exclusive blend of friction modifiers and a special base oil (after all, quality starts with the basic ingredient), Acura Genuine Power Steering Fluid is formulated to counter friction effectively, and is 100% compatible with all Acura power steering system components. Help your Acura last longer and run quieter. Always insist on Acura Genuine Power Steering Fluid.

Acura Genuine Motor Oil

Top Performance Begins with Top Quality Oil.

Motor oil is your engine’s lifeblood. It lubricates your engine and protects moving parts to keep things running right. With the variety of grades and viscosities available, choosing the right motor oil may seem confusing. Acura Genuine Motor Oils are blended and tested to meet strict Acura requirements, and are available in a variety of grades and viscosities, each formulated specifically for use in Acura engines. You see, Acura engines are designed to work best with lower-viscosity motor oils, and oil not specified for them can diminish engine performance. So how do you pick the right motor oil with so many brands and types to choose from? Easy. Just look for the only motor oil with the Acura name.

Replacement Parts

Acura Replacement Parts

When it comes time to maintain your Acura, there’s only one right way to do it: Use Acura Genuine Replacement Parts. They’re engineered to original specifications and designed for seamless integration into your Acura. Parts such as your battery, tires, brake pads, rotors and belts must be in excellent condition to deliver the acceleration, handling and responsiveness you desire. For ultimate performance, there’s no substitute for Acura Genuine Replacement Parts.

Acura Genuine Batteries

Enjoy years of great starts.

At the center of your electrical system is the battery, powering your air conditioner, sound system, headlights, instrument panel and other components. Dependability is essential, so choose an Acura Genuine Replacement Battery. Every Acura battery includes a 100-month limited warranty (when installed by an authorized Acura dealer), 3 years free replacement and a prorated warranty for the balance of 100 months. Acura technicians are equipped with the latest technology to determine the condition of your battery and help ensure that your Acura will always start.

  • 100-month limited warranty.
  • Patented round negative plate corners help reduce internal short-circuiting.
  • Computer designed Advanced Matrix Radial Grids meet today’s high current starting demands.

Acura Genuine Brake Pads

Stopping is the ultimate commitment.

It stands to reason that Acura Genuine Brake Rotors function best with Acura Genuine Brake Pads. Particularly since Acura brake pads are extensively tested on Acura vehicles in the most intense braking situations and extreme environments. Made from a balance of hard and soft materials, Acura Brake Pads can effectively help prevent premature disc wear and minimize noise.

  • Precisely engineered and manufactured with state-of-the-art materials for superior performance, proper wear and long life.
  • Specially designed to dampen noise and reduce vibration.
  • Include high-insulating shims and specially formulated grease.

Acura Genuine Brake Rotors

Shaped to the exacting standards of Acura.

Brake rotors are vital to dissipating the heat that comes from the pads every time you brake. Acura Genuine Brake Rotors are built to take that heat time and again for lasting performance and reliability. They’re made with the optimum mix of materials and compounds to safely withstand long periods of wear and to help prevent overheating and warping.

Acura Genuine Serpentine Belts

At the Center of Performance.

The serpentine belt truly is at the center of performance. It drives the cooling, electrical, power steering and air conditioning systems. With the belt being such a key component, Acura has made sure that the composition and quality is second to none. Acura Genuine Serpentine Belts are engineered to your Acura’s original specifications and made of the highest quality materials so that misalignment, cracking, tearing or fraying are minimized. Drive with unquestionable confidence. When it’s time for a replacement, request an Acura Genuine Serpentine Belt.

Acura Authorized OEM Tires

Certificate of Confidence Included.

No other tire on the market matches the fit and performance of Acura Original Equipment Tires. That’s because they’re designed specifically for your Acura, with close attention to detail. Exceptional load and speed ratings, fuel economy, safety, comfort, durability and tread wear are the elements that help your Acura handle like an Acura. With stiffer casings, reinforced sidewalls and treads designed for supreme handling, Acura Original Equipment Tires will deliver the utmost in performance. Acura Original Equipment Tires are available at your Authorized Acura Dealer.

Remanufactured Parts

Acura Genuine Remanufactured Parts

Although no part can last forever, we are able to remanufacture many of our genuine parts to like-new standards through a sophisticated process.

The Acura remanufacturing process involves a complete disassembly, full-scale cleaning and inspection of every component. Parts not up to our specifications are replaced with new Acura Genuine Parts.

Once reassembled, testing is designed to assure that the remanufactured part performs at the same high level as its brand new counterpart.

Genuine Remanufactured Parts that we offer include:

  • Air Conditioning Compressors
  • Alternators
  • Drive Shafts
  • Starter Motors
  • Power Steering Pumps
  • Power Steering Racks
  • ABS Modulators

Every Acura Genuine Remanufactured Part comes fully backed by our nationwide replacement parts warranty.*

*See dealer for complete warranty details

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