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  • Virginia M. & Bill C.

Virginia M. & Bill C.

03.01.2011 | Category

As the president and chief operating officer for a St. Louis-based casino company, Virginia leaves nothing to chance. Nine years ago, her daily commute to and from work—45 minutes each way—convinced her it was time to get a new vehicle "with the very best safety ratings I could find," she says. "The Acura MDX kept coming up at the top of the lists." So she bought one—and never looked back.

But she didn't stop there. The following year, she persuaded her husband, Bill, to buy an MDX. And when daughter Devon got her driver's license in 2006 and son Ryan got his in 2010, the family defied the odds and purchased two more.

"We've never had a major issue with any of them," Virginia says. "We know that if there ever is a problem, it will be addressed immediately." It's a sentiment her husband echoes. "The dependability of the Mungenast St. Louis Acura dealership is every bit as good as the car itself," Bill says. "I know that when I call, I'm going to get good service."

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