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Roger L.

03.01.2011 | Category

The only thing better than getting a new Acura? How about getting a new Acura every year for the past two decades? Such is Roger's loyalty to the brand. After buying a Legend for his wife, Lori, in 1991, he went on to purchase another 21, including the TL, RL, RDX and MDX: one was for his son, another for an employee. At one point, he kept a total of four for himself.

So why Acura again and again? He cites the cars' excellent performance, responsive handling and sophisticated exterior and interior design. But he reserves his best superlatives for the Acura Navigation System, particularly the exceptional clarity of the screen—"almost like your HD TV at home"—and the deft, single-knob operation.

As the former owner of a Dallas-based medical device manufacturer, Roger knows a thing or two about rigor. "It's a highly regulated business that requires precision quality and exact compliance to high standards," he says. "I want the same perfection in my automobile."

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