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Jason K.

03.01.2011 | Category

Superior performance and handling were at the top of Jason's checklist when he bought his 2005 Acura TL: "It gave me peace of mind knowing this car would be there for me in any situation." His theory would soon be put to the test when his wife, Heather, went into labor in the wee hours one November morning in 2008.

It was dark outside; the roads were still wet after a recent rain. Heather was two weeks overdue. The hospital was roughly half an hour away. Buckled into the front passenger seat—her contractions coming on stronger and closer together—she told Jason to step on the gas. Like any father-to-be in this situation, he was "shell-shocked" but totally focused on the road. Equally determined, their son, Joshua, just couldn't wait any longer and came into this world five minutes from the emergency entrance.

When they arrived safe and sound, his wife and child were whisked away, and Jason promptly fainted. Two years later, Jason admits he may never part with the car. "Driving at night with a newborn crying in my wife's arms was certainly cause for concern," he says, "but the TL's handling, performance and responsiveness were not."

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