• Acura Ownership is a Family Affair
  • Acura Ownership is a Family Affair
  • Acura Ownership is a Family Affair

Acura Ownership is a Family Affair

07.25.2013 | Category

For as long as she can remember, Hanan has been the go-to person in her family for car-buying assistance. Her advice is simple: Buy an Acura. It’s really not surprising, considering she’s owned three—a ’91 Integra, a ’99 TL and her most recent acquisition, the 2013 RDX.

After purchasing the RDX, Hanan’s sister liked it so much she purchased one for herself. As it turns out Dad was also in the market for a new car. What did he buy? Let’s just say, the driveway at their next family reunion will look a lot like the RDX section of the local Acura dealership.

“I’ve stayed in the Acura family for three reasons,” Hanan explained matter-of-factly. “Reliability, performance and low maintenance.” It was hard for her to trade in the TL, she told us. After all, it carried her safely and stylishly for over 148,000 miles. “But I love my RDX. The new technology is just incredible. Plus, it sits higher than my TL. I feel safer.”

Hanan’s love story earned her a trip to American Honda Collection Hall—our invitation-only museum in Torrance, CA. Inside, visitors are treated to the milestone cars, motorcycles and racing prototypes that have made Honda and Acura two of automotive history’s most storied and successful brands.

Sound like a great way to spend a few hours? Just submit your Acura owner story with the title “My Historic Acura”. Every quarter we pick 10 people with the most interesting anecdotes to take the guided tour. We think you could be one of them.

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