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  • Joe Goes Inside the Napa Drive Event
  • Joe Goes Inside the Napa Drive Event
  • Joe Goes Inside the Napa Drive Event

Joe Goes Inside the Napa Drive Event

03.28.2013 | Category

Joe Giannella is not just any Joe. He and his wife Patty traveled almost 3,000 miles from their home in New Jersey to test-drive the all new Acura RLX in Calistoga, California at the Acura Napa Drive Event. Held over three days at the luxurious Solage Resort in Napa Valley, it was attended by 20 couples, including influential bloggers, luxury car owners and Acura-brand loyalists.

An Acura aficionado for 25 years, Joe’s love for the brand began with the Honda Kick-n-Go scooter in the late 70’s. After owning four Accords in a row, he and his wife recently upgraded to the Acura MDX with Technology & Entertainment package. The owner story he submitted on the Acura Celebrate website about his MDX purchase left no doubt how he felt about the brand. You should also know that when he hosts family get-togethers around the holidays at his house, he jokingly refers to his driveway as an Acura and Honda dealership.

When Joe received an exclusive invitation to the three-day, all-expense paid event, surprise would be an understatement.

“Patty and I were so excited to be invited. It had been 25 years since buying our first Honda, and we really felt like we were being recognized for our loyalty. It was such an honor.”

Joe and Patty experienced an eventful weekend where they met and socialized with other Acura owners, were treated to a wine-tasting dinner, attended a speaker seminar by Alexis Maybank – the co-founder behind the $1 billion Gilt Groupe, got a behind the scenes look at the new RLX and capped it all off with a test drive of a fully loaded RLX.

We’ll let Joe tell you about the test drive in his own words:

“Acura actually gave us the keys and a full tank of gas to drive the new, fully loaded RLX. We were given a route through the hills and canyons of wine country, and when I left the parking lot, I rocketed out onto the road. I was doing 60 mph in seconds. The car felt like a sports car but was too luxurious to be just a sports car.

The RLX had such a great feeling. We felt safe and it was first class all around. The seat was perfect and fit like a glove. The technology worked perfectly. The sound system was amazing and so easy to connect to my iPhone. It paired almost immediately. The car even had the upgraded Krell Audio system.

It was such a surreal experience to be on the road with other couples driving the route. Following and being followed by a train of RLXs, I felt like I was in one of the many articles I’ve read in car magazines.”

Joe learned a lot about the RLX over the weekend, and one thing he learned really shocked him. He was not aware that many Acura vehicles are made in North America and exported worldwide. This knowledge gave him a sense of pride of ownership that went far beyond value, luxury and performance.

And we are lucky to have Joe and others who are proud owners of an Acura. With over 25 years experience with the brand that extends to his family, we asked Joe how he would describe what it means to own an Acura:

“If I were to describe Acura and owning an Acura to friends and family, it starts with a conversation about reliability and dependability. There is something so powerful about knowing that when you step into the car it will start and take you exactly where you need to go.

Acura gives you the most for your money; it has a luxury look and provides comfort and safety for your children. It’s not an “in your face” car, it is sophisticated, has a great package, fun for the whole family and unbeatable service. I would tell them it’s worth the test drive.”

With the Napa Drive Event a fond memory, Joe summed up the weekend in three words: generous, luxurious and fun.

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