• Acura ClubCorp Tournament Raffle Winner
  • Acura ClubCorp Tournament Raffle Winner

Acura ClubCorp Tournament Raffle Winner

12.12.2012 | Category

Adam lives in Northern California with his wife and daughter, along with a mini-assortment of dogs and cats. When not in work-mode as the senior counsel at a successful financial solutions company, Adam relaxes with a good local micro-brew and enjoys sharing California Cabernets with friends. And let’s not forget his love of golf – since that’s how he won the use of an Acura for a year.

As a native born German, Adam has mostly favored German cars and his favorite brand is BMW. Having owned several BMWs including the 750 he currently owns, he is no stranger to luxury and has exacting standards when it comes to vehicle performance and the dealership experience. At the recent Acura sponsored ClubCorp event, Adam was lucky enough to win an Acura for a year. Adam had never owned an Acura before so he researched the Acura brand online before visiting Niello Acura in Sacramento to check out the different models.

When asked about the qualities he looks for in a luxury vehicle, Adam stated …

“You have to look forward to driving your car whether for work or leisure. You should feel a connection between your car and the road, especially through the turns. A comfortable and quiet interior is very important, and the technology should be easy to use. And a good sound system definitely helps. But it goes beyond the car. If you drive a luxury car, the dealership should deliver outstanding service that represents the luxury brand.”

And Acura did not disappoint. From the moment Adam walked into the showroom, he was immediately greeted by the receptionist and introduced to Chris Knutson, the sales consultant. Even though Adam explained to Chris that he would not be buying an Acura, Chris spent the next hour focused on making sure Adam learned everything about the different Acura models and its options. Chris made sure that Adam had all the information he needed to make the right choice.

Based on his online research Adam had initially decided on the ILX Hybrid and the test drive only made his final decision that much harder. The handling and performance of some of the models he test drove was on par with the BMW but what amazed Adam was the technology inside. He felt the technology was superior to that of the BMW in how easy it was to use. Of all the Acura models to choose from, Adam stuck to his first choice, the 2013 ILX Hybrid.

The day he picked up his brand new Acura ILX Hybrid, he drove his daughter and a friend to a playoff football game. And here, we’ll let Adam describe his first in-vehicle experience…

“I programmed the destination and I was surprised when the navigation system informed me of some weather advisories along the route and it kept me updated on road conditions and traffic alerts along the way. Awesome. On the drive it was raining cats and dogs and I was glad the car handled great in this condition.
Overall, after one day of driving the car, I’m absolutely thrilled that I made a great choice. And, yes, the gauge indicates that my MPG right now is 39.5. Yippiieeee.”

We’ll check in with Adam periodically to see how he is enjoying his new Acura ILX Hybrid.

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